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Welcome   Ferry Small Ships is my own brand of waterline models concentrating on European ferries which is where my interest lies.

My phoilosophy is that if I can't find a model of a ship that I like, I'll make one myself. There are many ships that are not considered as commercially viable to make models of, but doesn't mean there is no demand for them. I intend to expand my collection and give others the chance to add some very rare models to their's.

I will be showcasing my models and explaining the techniques I use to produce a resin cast. There are also links to other sites which are invaluable if you are thinking of building your own models. It doesn't stop there as I've added a forum page, where you can ask questions and excange ideas or post photos of your models.  


I make my models in my spare time. I am by no means a professional and due to work and family commitments it can take time to produce my models.

If you have one of my models please write a review. I would love to know what you think.



If you would like to know more about any of my models you can contact me at  (new Email)

              [email protected]

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